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Know MoreWhat is Al Coupone?

What is Al Coupone?

  • Al Coupone is a communication channel between you and your potential customers so you can offer your products and services, and expand your business.
  • Winning over new customers and increasing their loyalty is one of its main objectives.
  • Find your target. We find out your customers’ preferences to show them the most interesting offers.
  • Let your advertising investment be more efficient and productive. Using this app to create and share discount coupons.


We provide the elegance of the simplicity, a quality technical support and an intuitive app for the users.

Al Coupone offers you a web space where you can manage you offers and also an application to promote your business. App users will receive the offers on their phones, so they can save the coupons and redeem them at the moment of the purchase. Thereby, they become your new customers.

We are different

  • Efficient and innovative advertisement

    When a customer is near to a certain store, he will receive straightaway on his phone coupons of that establishment. This is possible thanks to the latest geolocation technology, the beacons.

  • Choose the way you want pay:

    Pay only for the coupons that you have shared
    or pay only for the coupons redeemed by your clients.

  • Call to action through Push

    App users will receive your coupons on their phones. They will be able to see where the offers are and even catalogues that you can attach the offers.

  • Promotional campaign statistics and sales reports at your fingertips

    Large accessible database. The data is stored, so you can assess the results and compare them with your objectives.

  • Coupon types
    • Basic coupon
      In this coupon you can state the content and the discount. Then you can share it with your potential customers.
    • Social coupon
      A discount coupon that you can share by email and your social networks.
    • Coupon on the hood
      You will receive this coupon via a push notification, when you’re close to a store.
    • Ad coupon
      A non-discount coupon. You only have to describe the promotion and share the coupon.

Coupons always by hand

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